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Ever since we started this website years ago, our goal remains the same and that is to provide you with accurate information about what’s happening around the world. We’re able to do this by doing extensive research before writing each article and posting them daily. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about missing out on some most important things that happened recently in both India and the whole world!

Our core values

To help ensure the quality of our service here in Alif News, which is to provide the citizens of India with the latest news, each of us strictly lives by a set of core values. These are:


One of the things we value the most is honesty. We show this not just inside our company but also to our readers. This is why each article we publish here on our website is nothing but the truth no matter how harsh it is because you deserve honesty.

Attention to detail

Another way we can ensure the accuracy of each article we post on our website is by having attention to detail. By having this core value, we can meticulously check each article before giving the green light to post them. This attention to detail can be seen in all our news from our sports down to our international content.

Wise time management

Another important thing that we ensure our writers have is wise time management. This way they can deliver the news as fresh as possible. Once we get the word about the most important news, our writers and researchers will be instantly on it to make sure that we’ll be the first to inform you.

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