Impact of COVID-19 in India

Impact of COVID-19 in India

When the pandemic started back in 2020, nobody in the world was ready for it which is why several people have suffered and until today, the virus still lingers everywhere. Thankfully, with the continued rollout of the vaccines, humankind is finally able to fight back against the devastating virus slowly but surely.

However, the effects of the pandemic were so devastating that it’s difficult to undo them. As the world enters the 3rd year with the COVID-19 virus, discover the different impacts it had on India that are still apparent today.

Thousands of families fell victim

One of the most unfortunate effects of the COVID-19 was that thousands of families fell victim to the virus and what’s worse is that several of them have passed due to the severity of its symptoms. Until today, an average of over a thousand COVID cases are still recorded and the total reported deaths have reached over 510,000 in April 2022.

Even though the total deaths are only a fraction of the overall cases recorded, which was over 43 million, this is still a lot of victims. Unfortunately, the number of these cases is not decreasing as the days go by.

Millions have lost jobs

Another effect that’s still present today is the loss of millions of jobs in the country. In India, 10 million people lost their jobs during the second wave alone. This led locals to try different businesses with what they have left while others had to find other sources of income which was all the more difficult considering the current situation of the country.

Thankfully, the nation started posting more job listings that allow its employees to work from their homes. This was a huge deal as several companies began to discover that most of their jobs can be done at home which wasn’t only helpful financial-wise but health-wise as well. 

Early lock-down

One of the best things that the government of India did that helped slow down the growth rate of the virus was its implementation of an early lock-down. The government was able to prevent widespread because of this intelligent course of action.

Affected economic growth

Because millions of people have lost their jobs, this also caused companies and businesses to close down. This unfortunate event caused the economic growth of the country to be hit hard which was more evident during the first two phases of the pandemic.

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These are some effects of the COVID-19 virus in India that are still present today. Hopefully, as more people are starting to get vaccinated, the country and its citizens will be able to get back on their feet and live as they did before once more.

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